Isla de la Flores

The Isla de la Flores

About the IslandEdit

Isla de la Flores is an uninhabited tiny island in Rhydin. The island is of volcanic origin and is approximately 1 kilometre long and 600 metres wide. The land area is approximately 0.4 square kilometres surrounded on all sides by a coral reef. The highest point is 178 m. The islet is surrounded by coral reef; it also includes volcanic rocks, caves, lagoons, and several small beaches, including some white sand beaches. 


One of the Secret getaways for G'nort Dragoon-Talanador. Generally a location where he goes to get away from his businesses and the Arena, usually with Mercedes.  A few others have visited the island in the years G has known about it, but its location is one that only he knows how to return to.  Because wizards.

Indigenous Life FormsEdit

There is no Boitata.  Crabs, gulls, other simple creatures inhabit this island.  More to come.